Leaders in Emergency Clinical Research
  • Enrollment in acute phase of illness
  • Streamlined regulatory processess
  • Proven leaders in clinical research
  • 24/7 study team availability

Academics - Why We're Different

What separates us from other academic research institutions is our ability to effectively stream-line the entire study process from contracts, to IRB submission, to screening and enrolling subjects. We have a dedicated team of efficient research professionals who are knowledgeable, experienced, attentive to details, yet also flexible with the research process as we understand each study has a unique set of needs. We bring a broad base of scientific knowledge with our investigators often serving on scientific advisory panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Research in emergency medicine is a unique challenge but offers robust screening opportunities, diverse clinical presentations and 24/7 coverage. These benifits, combined with a streamlined acute care research infrastructure, make acute care research in an emergency setting advantageous. Many sponsors interested in acute care research have questions - our most freqent answered below.

I thought academic research institutions just did government funded research?

     No, We are a Clinical Trial site, able to effectively manage, multi-trial, multi-center studies.

What is your turn-around time on Contract Review and IRB Submission?

Typically we review a CDA within 2 – 4 business days, and a CTA is processed within 2 weeks. Our IRB submission process generally takes 4 – 6 weeks.

What is an expected timeline for a Pre-site Survey?

We are able to turn around a pre-site survey within 5 business days of receipt.

Have you been able to meet your target enrollments in previous clinical trials?

Yes – we have consistently achieved enrollment goals for all our diverse studies.


In 2010 alone, we have over 40 manuscripts, 60 abstracts, and countless poster presentations covering our broad range of research experience. For a complete list of our published manuscripts and presentations click here.